Skin & Nails

Callus & corns

Callus is an area of thickened skin usually caused by pressure or friction, either from footwear or from mechanical forces. It can become painful if left untreated. Corns are similar, but are generally more troublesome and often need removing. Treatment of callus and corns is carried out painlessly and expertly by your clinician and the effects are immediate. Our patients often leave us saying ‘it’s like walking on air!’

Dry & cracked heels

This is a commonly encountered condition in the clinic and can be unsightly as well as uncomfortable. You may have tried to tackle the problem yourself at home but feel it’s time for a bit of professional help. Your clinician will remove any hard skin and discuss with you how to improve the condition of the heels over time. This may involve using specific foot creams to soften the skin or dealing with a fungal infection. Footwear may also be a contributing factor.

Fungal infections

Fungal infections, of both the skin and nails are incredibly common, affecting around 30% of the population with the incidence increasing as we age. It’s not unusual to have a long-standing infection for a some time before seeking treatment. This is often because we don’t realise what the problem is. Podiatrists are experts in diagnosing and treating fungal infections of the feet.

Appropriate treatment begins with confirming diagnosis. If it is your nails that are affected, we may suggest having a sample of a nail tested whilst you attend your appointment. This provides an accurate diagnosis within a few minutes and means we can get you started on the most appropriate treatment for you straight away. This might be a weekly application of a solution to the nail at home or if the infection is more extensive, we may advise seeing your GP for a course of antifungal tablets. Another option is to have a process called fenestration carried out whereby a nail is treated in a specific way to allow for better penetration of an antifungal solution.

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A fungal infection of the skin is often referred to as athlete’s foot. Depending on how long the infection has been present, it can be straightforward to treat with the right type of ointment. However, athletes foot can be very persistent if not managed in the right way and if left untreated may spread to the nails.

Thick, discoloured or painful nails

Unlike our fingernails, toenails tend to get a lot of abuse! Damage and trauma to the nails can lead to a variety of issues that can appear rapidly or take time to manifest over months or years. Some toenail conditions are painful, and it can be difficult to know how best to tackle these problems at home. This is where we can help. Your clinician will diagnose the specific nail condition you have and carry out appropriate treatment. It may be as straightforward as simply cutting the nails, if you are unable to manage this yourself, or you may be offered treatment to help improve the nail condition and keep you pain-free.


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