How We Work

Our approach is holistic..

We look at the whole person…

When we meet you for the first time, we like to get to know you. This isn’t because we’re being nosy! It’s important to have a good understanding of you as a ‘whole’ person, which is why we’ll ask you about all sorts of things, even how well you’re sleeping. But don’t worry, we’ll examine your feet thoroughly and discuss any foot health concerns you have.

Each assessment is tailor-made to the individual. The tests we carry out and the questions we ask will be relevant to your age and presenting condition. It may be necessary to examine your ‘gait’ ie. the way you walk, to give us a better understanding of the cause of your problem. Children require a different approach altogether!

Once we’ve diagnosed your problem, hopefully, we can fix it too. Sometimes this involves a team approach and your ongoing care may require some input from a Physiotherapist, Podiatric surgeon or your GP. Referrals can be arranged easily as we have excellent connections with local healthcare professionals. So whatever your problem is, you can be assured you’re in very safe hands at Rushden Podiatry.


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