Nail Surgery

Why Nail Surgery?

An ingrowing toenail occurs when the side of your toenail has pushed into the fleshy part of your toe, causing the toe to become swollen, inflamed and painful. This does not usually get better by itself and can become infected.

An effective and permanent solution to the problem is to have nail surgery. This is carried out under a local anaesthetic. Depending on the type of problem you are experiencing, either a small section of nail is removed (partial nail avulsion), or sometimes the whole of the nail (total nail avulsion). The procedure can take up to an hour, during which time the toe will be numb.

If you are having a partial nail avulsion, a small section of nail is taken away from the side, and an acid is used here to destroy the cells that would produce a new nail. A total nail avulsion would involve the entire nail being removed before acid is applied.

After the procedure:

Afterwards it is advisable to rest with your feet up and take pain relief as needed. Please ensure someone will be able to take you home as you will be unable to drive after the procedure. It may be neccessary to take several days off work (depending on your type of job), or school, to ensure the wound is allowed to heal normally. The wound can take up to 6 weeks to heal completely. This is due to the acid that is used to destroy the nail ‘root’. During this time it will be important for you to care for the wound (your Podiatrist will advise you how) and to be cautious about how much activity you do.

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At Rushden Podiatry we have the facilities and expertise to offer nail surgery. Only Podiatrists registered with the Health and Care Professions Council are qualified to carry out nail surgery using local anaesthetic.

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