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John’s Story – From Foot Pain to Finishing Line!

I met John for the first time in April last year. We initially spoke online about his foot pain which had interrupted his charity walk along the Thames path from sea to source (a total of 232 miles). Problems had begun after increasing the intensity of his walking schedule. After assessing John in clinic, he was diagnosed with a combination of Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. He had tried various insoles bought online with little effect.

His treatment began immediately with a combination of heel lifts, exercises and activity modification. A further addition of orthoses (in-shoe supports) to the treatment plan meant that John started to see a reduction in pain levels and more importantly he could return to his walking challenge. In time, over the following days and weeks, John was able to build up stamina and strength and finally completed his challenge in the August!

A year later, John is still pain free and is walking the same Thames path challenge again this summer!

Our approach is holistic..

We look at the whole person…

When we meet you for the first time, we like to get to know you. This isn’t because we’re being nosy! It’s important to have a good understanding of you as a ‘whole’ person, which is why we’ll ask you about all sorts of things, even how well you’re sleeping. But don’t worry, we’ll examine your feet thoroughly and discuss any foot health concerns you have.


General Podiatry

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Foot & ankle Pain

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Becky Witkin

“I visited Rushden Podiatry with severe pain in my foot. Samantha spent plenty of time understanding what I may have done, diagnosed a plantar plate tear and gave me advice and treatment to improve. Samantha was amazing, at no time did I feel rushed during appointments, she gave me advice on the right footwear and 3 months later my foot is just about pain free. I would highly recommend a visit here if you have footpain. An extremely friendly welcome from everyone there and the best advice and treatment.”

Jenna Snow

“My son was suffering with pretty bad heel pain. Took him to see Samantha and she was very knowledgeable and friendly. Got a diagnosis quickly with a treatment plan and he is now pain free. Brilliant service! Thank you”

John Tippets

“Having an initial free online consultation is a great idea. I was told by Samantha that she believed she could help with what I believed to be planta fasciitis & a face-to-face appointment was made. At this consultation she diagnosed achilles tendinopathy & mild plantar fasciitis. She knew that I was desperate to resume a charity long distance walking challenge that I’d had to pause due to the pain. I stuck religiously to her treatment plan & 4 weeks later I was able to restart my challenge. I have nothing but praise for Samantha and everyone who works at Rushden Podiatry. A very satisfied customer!”

Barbara Tear

“I had an appointment with Richard who was excellent!”

Maureen Core

“I have been a client of Rushden Podiatry for about five years. The new clinic is airy and bright with lots of space. You feel very safe as soon as you step in the door. My Podiatrist and her staff are professional, welcoming, polite and friendly. It is a pleasure to attend my appointments!”

Shirley Bates

Great friendly service. My plantar fasciitis all clear, and I am back to walking long distances. I cannot thank The Team enough.

Peter Reilly

Professional service and spot on diagnosis. The road to recovery is in sight.

Vikki Wood

I had an appointment as a new patient a week ago. I saw Samantha Civil who was very knowledgable, friendly and was able to sort my feet out! I felt like I was walking on clouds when I left and still do now. I highly recommend this practice and would certainly use it again if needed.

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