Should I wear slippers around the house? By Dr Mike Curran

Dec 19, 2022

At Rushden Podiatry we are often asked what to wear on your feet around the house and should you wear slippers? On average a third of over 65’s will suffer from a fall each year.







This is down to several reasons, such as loss of muscle tone and proprioception (perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body). A research paper published by the British Medical Journal concluded that properly fitted slippers, (such as those carrying the Healthy Footwear Guide logo), could reduce the risk of falls in over 65’s by around 36%. As an extra bonus it has been estimated that preventing this number of falls could save the NHS in the region of £2.3 billion per year.

When shopping for slippers, always try to adhere to the Healthy Footwear Guide’s features:

• A stable heel of approx. 25cm.

• A good, sturdy heel counter that provides good cosseting.

• Good retention of the foot by way of a fastening.

• Made of a good material that allows a healthy climate inside the shoe.

• All areas of the shoe offer adequate width and depth to allow normal foot function.

• The sole is grippy and allows normal foot function.

Visit the Healthy Footwear Guide website. Healthy Footwear Guide (

What if I wear orthotics in my shoes?

If you are having treatment by a Podiatrist for a painful foot or ankle condition, you may be advised to wear orthotics (supports) the majority of the time. We spend quite long periods of time on our feet indoors and it may be beneficial to wear your orthotics at these times to help reduce your symptoms or prevent reoccurrence. In this case, your Podiatrist may advise you to wear some kind of shoe with a fastener to allow your orthotics to be accommodated comfortably.










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